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Build A Zero Waste Athlete Kit

How to be low impact/zero waste whilst maintaining an active lifestyle.

If sports training is a part of your daily routine you don’t need to let your zero-waste ethos take a hit. Here are some simple switches you can make to become a more eco-friendly, low impact athlete:

· Reusable water bottle (we use a stainless steel Chilly's bottle)

· Meal prep containers & utensils (we use a mix of stainless steel ones alongside plastic tupperware we've had for years which will then be recycled and replaced with stainless steel ones once they're done - remember it's about reusing what you've already got until it can't be reused any longer)

· Travel coffee cup (for pre or post training coffee/green tea)

· Mini bottle for freshly squeezed fruit juice

· Home made snacks in greaseproof paper (protein balls, bars)

· Guppy bag (for washing clothes & towel so microfibres aren't released as sports clothes tend to be polyester)

· Soap, shampoo & conditioner bars in travel tins

· Recycled toiletries bag (ours is from a small brand called Trucks, and is made from the inner tubes of tyres)

· Deodorant bar

· Moisturiser bar (we use Lush's Naked Body Bars, but our local Real Foods store sells organic Shea Butter in a cardboard tub)

· Jamboo headphones (made from bamboo and the wires are wrapped with cotton thread)

· Cork Yoga matYoloha Cork Mat (made from cork & eco-friendly foam)

· Organic cotton or linen towel

· Recycled Goggles – Zoggs Ecolast (made from ocean waste)

· Silicone swim cap (silicone is made from Silica which is found in sand, is BPA free, isn't toxic to humans nor aquatic life or the oceans, and is easily recycled.)

· Swimsuit - Brands like Woron make their swimsuits out of recycled plastic waste, and Marble Swimwear produce ethically made swimsuits made out of sustainably sourced material.

· Organic gym clothing – Brands such as CarrotBananaPeach, BAM Bamboo Clothing, and Organic Basics offer high quality gymwear made using sustainable materials, and Tala offers gym & leisurewear made using recycled off-cuts.

· Recycled running shoes Vivo Barefoot offers vegan running shoes made from recycled plastics and bio-based materials. Ecoalf produce running shoes made from recycled ocean waste,

If you can think of anything else to keep this list growing then add it below in the comments!